Sunday, 7 October 2012

ADOPTED Amy 1 yr old female small to medium size collie cross needing a forever home

Amy was found in a field behind a supermarket, the poor thing was being harrassed by a lot of male dogs as it turned out she was in heat.

Amy was terrified but luckily she was rescued and taken to a mini shelter, from there Amy was taken to the vets and spayed immediately and whilst she was there it was also discovered that she had a skin complaint.

Thankfully Amy has recovered well from both the surgery and the skin complaint.

Amy is gaining confidence all the time now, though still a little shy when she meets some one new, but once she gets to know some one, she is happy to be fussed over and is starting to relax ore and more around people.

She is fine with other dogs and cats, she would be a welcome addition to any family, though she stills needs leash training, as she just has not quite got the hang of being on a lead yet, but with a bit of time and effort this problem wil soon be over come.

Amy is vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and spayed.


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