Friday, 26 October 2012


ADOPTED - Foxy, 2 year old mixed terrier rescued from a vile prison now looking for her forever home.

Foxy is such an affectionate and loving dog. It is hard to believe that she was abandoned and left to rot in one of the worst public shelters in Romania. A shelter where dogs are thrown into mixed sexed/size cages. Where dogs have been known to come out of that place with fresh cigarette burns on their faces.

What is even more amazing is how little Foxy retained her sweetness and gentleness. If this were human we doubt very much they would have come out of that place still as trusting and loving towards the same species that put them in that hell of a dog prison. But, this is the case for this little dog.

Foxy has been rescued from that shelter and she is safe and secure with our charity. What she needs now is her very own forever home.

Small toy size
Long brown and white fur

Character traits:
Non aggressive
Very sociable with friendly dogs but in the home can bark at other dogs more from fear than anything else.
Very sociable with humans both large and small but prefers females but reacts fine with males
Loves to be cuddled and snuggles into your neck
Likes her treats/chewy bones and snuggle blanket very much

Foxys ideal forever home:
  • Somewhere she will be loved and cared for,looked after for the rest of her life.
  • A family/couple/lone woman
  • Somewhere she will have lots of social interaction with the family
  • Regular short walks/play throughout the day
  • NOT left for longer than 4 hours a day

Foxy is:
Fully Vaccinated
Has full EU pet passport

If you can offer little Foxy that forever home she needs, please contact our charity today.

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