Friday, 28 September 2012



Adopted Sasha 4 month old irish wolfhound cross female needing a forever home

Sasha was rescued from a hell hole of a public shelter, where the mortality rate is very high, they have to fight for food and water and are often killed in the process by the other poor starving dogs, believe it or not life on the streets is safer, though not much !!!

Sasha is going to be a big girl when she grows up so a good size house and garden would be a plus for this soon to be a big girl.
Sasha was very quiet and submissive when she first came to the shelter, but is slowly coming out of her shell and realising she is safe now, so her confidence is growing. Sasha will adapt fairly quickly to a family environment and with being so young will be quick to learn and will soon forget past bad experiences.

Sasha will be starting her vaccination soon.


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