Friday, 28 September 2012

Patty,Knutt Boni

ADOPTED - Patty 3month old female Jack russell type needing a forever home

This is Patty she was found with her mum and 8 siblings, they were starving, hunting for food in terrible weather conditions. chances of survival on the streets are very slim being beaten, tortured and even killed for money.

Patty is now a happy healthy little girl and would be a welcome additon to any family, and with being a pup she will easily be trained and eager to learn. She is a happy sociable little girl.

She will be fully vaccinated and chipped ready for her new home.


ADOPTED - Knut 4/5 months old collie/terrier cross male needing a forever home

This is knut, he was abandoned out side a vets, he was one of the lucky ones, if he had of been abandoned on the streets his chances of survival would have been very low indeed. luckily this vet also works in conjuction with a small animal shelter and this is where Knut is now.

This poor little mite was flea ridden and found to have pneumonia, and it was touch and go. One of the carers took him home and nursed him back to full health, even to the point of sleeping next to him to make sure he was ok.

But oh boy look at him now !!! he is a happy healthy little boy. Knut has fully recovered and doing very well indeed. He adores human company, gets on well with other dogs and just loves to play.

Knut is young enough to be trained and to learn new things, the only thing missing in his life now is that forever loving home.

Knut is fully vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and chipped ready to be transported to his for ever home.


ADOPTED - Boni 3 month old shepherd cross female needing a forever home

Boni was rescued from the basement of an apartment block. She was there along with nine other pups, there were two bitches with a litter each. if the dog catcher had been successful, Boni's tale would have been a very different one indeed, her chances of survival would have been virtually nil. She would have ended up in a hell hole of a public shelter having to fight for food or being killed by the dog catchers for money.

Boni is now in foster care and doing very well, she is a happy healthy little girl. Boni is fully vaccinated, dewormed and chipped ready for her new home.


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