Friday, 28 September 2012

Flo, Hannah

ADOPTED - Hannah 3 to 4 yrs old female Chiuahua type cross needing a forever home

This gorgeous little girl is in a public shelter, but not for long as after w while they get put back on the streets to "make room" for other dogs. Their resources are limited, Hannah does not deserve a life on the streets, where she will be at risk of starvation, being beaten tortured or even killed for money.

Hannah gets on well with people if a little shy at first, always wagging her tail and enjoys the odd cuddle.

Hannah has had a broken leg or fracture in the past, it was to one of her back legs. It was left to heal on it's own but after being checked by the vet, they have said apart from walking slightly different, it will not cause her any  problems and they cant foresee any operations being needed in the future. she has no trouble getting around.

Hannah is fully vaccinated and spayed.


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