Friday, 28 September 2012

Salma,Hope Puffy

ADOPTED Salma 4 month old terrier cross female needing a forever home

Salma was abandoned on the streets with her siblings, they were tiny and literally no chance of survival. To tell you small they were, they had to be bottle fed when they were rescued.

Salma is a happy, healthy thriving little girl, who just loves to play and gets on well with humans and other dogs. She will make a lovely addition to any family and with being so young will settle in easily and be eager to learn new things.

Salma is fully vaccinated, de-wormed, de-flead, miccro-chipped and has her own passport.


ADOPTED Hope 3month old female shepherd mix medium size needing a forever home

Hope was a tiny puppy when she, her mother and siblings were thrown onto the streets of Romania by her owner. This is often the way in Romania when an animal is no longer wanted, rather than try and rehome them, they leave it upto people to feed them on the streets and that is if they are lucky!! most end up starving to death or being beaten and tortured to death.

Hope is safe now in a small shelter, she is a fun loving little pup, getson well with other dogs and loves the company of humans.
With being so young Hope would fit into any family as she is young enough to train and being a puppy she will enjoy learning new things.

Hope is fully vaccinated, pass ported and chipped.



ADOPTED Puffy 3month old shepherd cross small to medium female needing a forever home

This little girl was thrown over a fence into a lady's garden, who was known to have animals, this is usually the way in Romania, if a dog is no longer wanted it is either dumped on the streets, where it will either starve to beat or be beaten to death, or dumped in a garden of some one who has animals so it becomes their responsibility.

Puffy is now in an adoption center, she is a shy little girl, but is progressing nicely. Puffy loves to play with other dogs and cats, as the lady who had her has a number of cats.

Puffy will probably be a medium sized dog once she is fully grown, she is a sweet little thing and with being so young it wont take long to get her settled into a house hold routine.

Puffy will be fully vaccinated and de-wormed, ready for her forever home.


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