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ADOPTED -Kia - Small 4 year old female collie/terrier cross looking for her forever home

This sweet little dog was cruelly abandoned by her owners in Romania. This is normal practice in that country where when you get bored of a dog you just dump it, leave it to more than likely die in the most horrible of ways or as in Kia's case, literally dragged to a public shelter by the notorious and abusive dog catchers.

To give you an idea of how horrendous these places are, dogs are better off on the streets to take there chances of survival than imprisoned in these K9 death camps.

Thankfully little Kia was rescued, spayed,vaccinated and after she gained her EU pet passport we transported her over to the UK to keep her safe and give her the chance she never would have had in Romania. A chance of a loving home.

Kia is very bouncy but equally very happy to sit on your lap for a cuddle and a snooze.. So far she seems house trained and doesn't seem to have a problem on the lead as long as its loose, if you pull on it she just sit there smile

She gets along well with other dogs and has no food issues.. She is a little wary with men but when the fosters husband cuddled her she was perfectly perfectly fine with him, very happy to curl up beside him..

Kia is a little nervous around small children so older children in the house would be advised...

Kias foster care says "I really think someone will end up with a little star with Kia"

Could you help this little star sparkle even more by giving her a forever home? If so please contact our charity.

Kia is
Fully Vaccinated
EU Pet Passport

Currently being fostered in Devon - UK 

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