Sunday, 16 September 2012

Nelu, patsy,tiny,

ADOPTED - Nela - 2.5 long haired Corgi Mix female, saved from death now looking for a forever home

Nelu is a lovely 2-3 yr old long haired Corgi mix.
EU Pet passport

She has a horrible past, born on the streets of Succeava Romania, the country where dog killing is big business. She was grabbed by the notorius and hated dog catchers and thrown into a large kennel that housed larger and aggressive dogs as well as timid and small ones such as Nela.

In that place the dogs were not spayed and neutered, so a female when they came on heat would literally have to fight for their lives being locked in a steel prison with larger male dogs around them.

There the local authority (The mayor and his cronies) did not feed them, did not care for them, would have allowed them to rot if it were not for local rescuers going in and feeding the dogs with food donated by our charity and other kind souls.

Nela was spotted by one of the rescuers and taken away from that vile horrible place.

As you can see from these photos, she was very nearly ready to give up on life. Scarring on her face and body at the time showed what experiences this small sweet dog had to endure. Keeping in mind in that place dogs have came out of there with fresh cigarette marks on there faces where the shelter workers had abused them. So not only did sweet Nela have to defend herself against larger male dogs, but also form her human tormentors.

Considering all this, it is amazing they never broke her spirit completely. She never lost that gentleness, that playfulness.....that hope.

The photos and video below shows that Nela's life has now turned around. She is cared for and looked after by the same rescuers who freed her from that awful inhumane existence.

All nela needs is a loving forever home, to give her as much love as she will give them

If you can offer this to Nela, please contact our charity as soon as possible.

ADOPTED - Patsy 3 to 4 yr old female mixed breed needing a forever home

Patsy was taken off the street along with her pup Spot, they are in a public shelter, which are not the best of places, but at least she is off the streets for now, but unfortunately she will be put back on the streets very soon.

Patsy has been spayed, vaccinated and dewormed and is a loving little dog, friendly with every one and gets on well with other dogs.

Patsy desperately needs a forever home.


ADOPTED - Tiny 2 yr old mixed breed female needing a forever home

Unfortunately this little lady is still living on the streets and in grave danger of the dog catcher.

A lovely lady is keeping an eye on Tiny, making sure she has food and water and trying to keep her safe.

Tiny desperately needs a forever home and unfortunately at the moment there is no spaces at the shelter for this little lady.

She has been fully vaccinated, dewormed and deflead and is soon to be spayed. Tiny is a loving little girl, friendly with humans and and other dogs.


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