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ADOPTED - Rambo - 1.5 month fluffy Male Collie Cross- saved from a hoarder now looking for his real forever home.

In a village near Bucharest a family had 14 dogs, small to medium size mostly. They said they loved them like they are their children, but they didn't feed them or care for them in anyway
The dogs were walking skeletons when our rescuers found them, full of fleas and ticks and desperate for food. Under their long coats they could feel every bone and one of the females almost died of malnutrition
Now they have all been rescued, cared for, fed and treated and all are doing well, some already have found adopters in the UK.
Rambo is such a happy go lucky dog considering what he and his siblings had to go through. He loves his treats and adores human company. Don't let those angelic looks fool you, he is a mischievous lovable puppy who loves playing with the other dogs and getting into trouble with their antics. But he is a good dog, non aggressive and just wants to loved.
Rambo is 
  • De-wormed
  • De-flead
  • Fully vaccinated 
  • Neutered
  • Microchipped 
  • Has his very own EU Passport
If this little guy has captured your heart and you could offer him a real forever home where he will always be cared for, loved and given all that she missed out on. Please contact us as soon as possible

ADOPTED - Paqui 1 yr old male terrier mix small size needing a forever home

Paqui was abandoned on the streets by his owner, luckily he was rescued and is now safe from a life of being beaten, tortured, starvation and even being killed for money.

He is in a small shelter until there is space for him in the adoption center. Paqui is a very sociable dog, He enjoys human contact and is adjusting to his new surroundings.

Paqui has a cuteness about him, he is adorable !!!  He loves the out doors, so a nice big garden or yard would be ideal for Paqui but with plenty of accesss to inside.

He is fully vaccinated, de-wormed and neutured


ADOPTED - Kitty - 1 year old terrier mix - The most cutest tiniest dog in desperate need of a forever home

Kitty- the most adorable tiny terrier who had the most horrible start in life. Just like in the fairy tales this little princess was rescued, but as yet she has not found her happy ending.

Kitty was amongst 14 dogs rescued from a hoarder and animal abuser in Romania. This little one had to survive -30 temperatures in the snow, much of the time without food or water. Her and the others who were held in the persons yard would huddle together in a corner to try and keep warm. We know there were many more but they died from starvation and the extreme temperatures. The 14 were the survivors of approx 30 kept in that place.

Kitty is truly the most loving and affectionate little dog you will ever meet. Is fantastic with other dogs, and not at all snappy like some terrier types can be. She is not aggressive to cats ( to be honest most are bigger than her) but will bark at them a little until she gets used to them in the house.

When she was found, like the others with her she was literally a walking skeleton with thick matted fur and her ribs so prominent it broke your heart to see. Now, though she is so very tiny she is perfectly healthy. She has been bathed and groomed and as you can see from the recent photos she is no longer the little ragamuffin that was rescued just over a month ago, but truly a beautiful little princess.

Kitty is
*Fully Vaccinated
*Has her very own EU Pet passport so you can take her with you on holiday anywhere in Europe

This little girls story is such a sad one and like so many who are rescued in that animal abusive country deserves a life where she is safe, cared for and given so much love and attention.

Please, if you could bring the happy ever after into this rescued princesses life please do contact us as soon as possible.

Kitty is in foster in Staffordshire

ADOPTED - Peter 1 yr old terrier type, medium size male looking for a forever home

This Peter, he was found by the roadside with a broken leg. If Peter had not been found he would have either starved to death, died of his injuries or been beaten to death, which seems to be the norm on the streets of Romania.

He is now in a shelter and has recovered from his broken leg and doing very well.

Peter just loves cuddles and is a very affectionate little boy, he gets on very well with people and other dogs and would love to have a home he can call his own.

Peter will give you plenty of love and affection, all he asks is for a forever home.

Peter is fully vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and has his very own passport.


ADOPTED Mopsy, female, medium sized dog.collie cross About to be left by her owners and needs a home urgently.

Mopsy is one more example of the problems of adoption fairs in Romania. Basically at these fairs anyone can adopt a dog. Often people do not understand the practical side of looking after such an animal, or the financial side of it. And, sometimes dogs are not seen as an important part of a families life, but rather a commodity that can be got rid of as easily as it came.

 Mopsy was 'obtained' by a family in an adoption fair 9 months ago. She has lived with a family for 9 months and now they are moving away and their reason for abandoning her is that Mopsy is not a family member and so they are not taking her with them. Mopsy will feel like part of the family and when they leave she will be confused, distraught and very frightened.

 If Mopsy is not adopted she will end up in a shelter. For a dog used to a family home this will seem like hell. So, please, please help us to help Mopsy find a new home. With time to settle and lots of love she will soon realise she is really 'HOME', home where she will find love for the rest of her days.


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