Wednesday, 20 March 2013



ADOPTED GARY :RAA GARY 2 year old male small to medium size possible terrier type cross needing a forever home

This sweet lovable little boy was taken to the Radauti shelter in Romania by the dreaded dogcatchers. A place where no dog wishes to be and most certainly where a dog so young and small should never end up. 

Yet this is exactly where Gary found himself and where our charity and the animal welfare group came in.

Gary is such a loving little dog and he adored cuddles from the volunteers that went to this shelter to try the best they can to make the dogs lives that much more comfortable.

He got on extremely well with the other dogs in his kennel, he really is just a playful ball of fluff. Gary has not yet been cat tested so we cannot vouch whether it would come to fisticuffs if he found a home where cats were present but we can cat test him if need be. As for humans, he truly does adore human company.

Gary is now in foster in the UK. He is very loving, very playful but very boisterous so he needs an active family who can excersise him regularly. A large garden would be helpful so he can 'let off steam' when he needs to. However this is not essential.

Gary is:
Fully vaccinated
Has an EU pet passport ready to travel yto his perfect home.


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