Monday, 11 March 2013

ADOPTED - Dante - 3 Month Pointer & Dachshund cross. Abandoned in a field to die, rescued and now looking for a forever home.


ADOPTED - Dante - 3 Month Pointer & Dachshund cross. Abandoned in a field to die, rescued and now looking for a forever home.

Little Dante really was not dealt the best hand at the start of his life. Only 3 months of age and he was born into a country that hates dogs yet do not sterilise their pets and allow them to wander, get pregnant then abandoned the puppies in places they know they will not survive.

This poor little chap  this is exactly what happened to him. Abandoned in the middle of nowhere  having  to arctic temperatures, no food or fresh water and long amongst grass.

Thousands of pups just like Dante every year have to endure the same living hell. This poor little boy was frozen, starving and so very scared. All alone facing what seemed a very short and dark future.

Sometimes, just sometimes something happens that we believe is miraculous. Keeping in mind we are talking about a country that abuses little angels just like Dante for entertainment and simply because no one cares about them meaning the chances of anyone spotting him and bothering to go and save him were virtually nil.Also where he was abandoned the field was in the middle of nowhere covered in tall grass but with a small road running alongside it that was not very well traveled. 

It was late in the evening when a kind gentleman was making his way home, he spotted something moving amongst the grass and slowed down to check. There he saw little Dante shivering with the cold and barely able to move. All the nutrients had been sucked out of him by the parasites all around him, he simply had run out of energy to continue. But something made that man glance his way, and more miraculously  in a country where even if he was spotted by someone they wouldn't have cared and left hi to rot...This kind elderly man, was one of the wonderful rescuers that our charity networks with. 

He not only stopped the car and got out to see, but rescued this sweet little boy from a death that would have followed just hours afterwards.

Immediately Dante was taken to a local vet clinic and there received emergency treatment to pump fluids and nutrients into him, he was de-flead and deloused, given vaccines and a short while after some solid food.

This little guy was going to make it, and thanks to some miracle this was one little guy amongst the thousands who will not be so lucky, this one, will have a future.

The one thing that is missing in this lovely little dogs life is a forever home, we can only keep him in foster, but can offer him that final piece to the puzzle that will complete his life.

If you can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form

Dante is:
Sterilised ( depending on age)
Has his very own EU Pet Passport

Carer: AO

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