Monday, 11 March 2013

ADOPTED Little Zoe - 6 month Female Jack Russel Cross rescued from the snow now looking for her forever home


ADOPTED Little Zoe - 6 month Female Jack Russel Cross rescued from the snow now looking for her forever home

This sweetheart was rescued from subzero temperatures sitting all alone shivering in the snow. She had been abandoned on the cruel and vile streets of Romania, knowing the chances of her surviving a few days in these conditions would be a miracle. 
However a miracle did happen, she spotted by a rescuer within our network and immediately took to their home where she was fed, dried off and in the morning took to the veterinarian who gave her a clean bill of health.
Now, all she needs is a loving home that will treat her as the princess she is.

Zoe is only small sized dog, very affectionate, playful both in the home and also outside. She learnt immediately to walk in the leash, she walks only close to her carer as being so small and what this poor little dog has been put through understandably she feels the need to stay close to someone she trusts.

She gets along very well with dogs and even cats, children too. She doesn't bite, she doesn't bark, she is gentle and would make the perfect companion dog.

It has been found that even so very young and small, Zoe has realised she is a very cute dog and uses this to get her own way on many things. 

Zoe is not  too keen on baths and but slowly is coming around to the idea, especially as she knows a snuggle in a warm towel and a cuddle awaits her.

She is a little intimidated by larger dogs and is more at ease with dogs closer to her size. Please keep in mind on the streets of Romania, dogs like Zoe are targets for the larger more agressive dogs in their fight for survival and dominance. This is where we suspect her nervousness of larger dogs stems from.

There are no problems what so ever with her sharing a home with other dogs or even cats, she truly is a lovely natured little girl, even if she does seem to have an obsession with socks!

If you could offer this little one a forever home, please contact our charity as soon as possible

Fully Vaccinated
Spayed ( Dependant on her age when adopted)
Has Full EU Pet Passport

If you can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form.

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