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ADOPTED- Bongo - 7 Month old Pekingese Cross, saved from a life on a chain now looking for his forever home


Bongo, such a sweet little Pekingese cross pup. This poor little fella was found by a rescuer near where she lives. He had obviously escaped somehow from his home. It was obvious by the state of this little guy the word "Home" has to be used loosely.

He had 3 ropes encrusted into his neck and attached was a piece of chain. He smelled of sheep and livestock so had obviously come from a farm.

In Croatia the majority view dogs regardless of breed/size/gender as something vile,to be used in one way or another.  We know what the three pieces of rope signified and what they meant. They signified a life from a couple of months of age being tied to a chain. When the rope would get tight enough that it may break and actually give its prisoner freedom another piece is put around the neck, and the same again when the dog grows. Dogs like Bonjo are tied up outside houses and outbuildings to use like a live alarm system. They are rarely fed or cared for. Normally kicked and beaten into submission and basically treated like garbage. In Croatia if a dog dies they simply throw the body in the garbage and go out and grab another dog from a street corner and put them through the same horror.

However as mentioned, Bongo had obviously escaped, though not because the rope broke because it was so tight, but by the chain that had kept him prisoner and most likely many other dogs for so long it had rusted away.

Bongo now is in foster, and despite his vile start in life very much wants to look forward to a future. A future of love, care and being part of his very own family.

He gets along very well with other dogs and even cats even if they don't really like him. he adores human company, real human company where they play and care fuss him, not kick and beat him.

He really is a small dog weighing only 6.3 kgs and an absolute sweetheart, and so very clever.

Bonjo is desperate for his own family, a real one, a loving one...Where he will proudly go on walks and enjoy playtime and instead of 3 old pieces of rope he will be wearing a real collar with his name on it, and instead of that vile rusty chain that once kept him prisoner, his collar will be attached to a brightly coloured leash with his new family members holding it securely because they love this little dog with all their hearts and do not want him ever to leave them.

If you can offer this little guy a forever home please contact our charity as soon as possible, Bongo is waiting for you.

 He is
Fully Vaccinated
Has his own EU Pet Passport

Ref: APO

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