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ADOPTED - Andi - 2 year old boxer cross - Rescued from being used as target practice now looking for his loving forever hom


ADOPTED - Andi - 2 year old boxer cross - Rescued from being used as target practice now looking for his loving forever hom

This handsome loveable young dog is called ANDI, you would not realise it by looking at him, but though is only 2 years of age he has had an incredibly sad life, has been through such abuse and loss that it is amazing this brave young boy still adores human company. 

Andi's story:
Early last winter he was callously thrown from a car into a field behind blocks just like another dog before him that was also abandoned in a similar way called Gabriel. In Romania there are thousands of dumping grounds where dogs are callously dumped by their then "loving" owners, this was just one of them.
Immediately when Gabriel and Andi met they become firm friends, they literally were inseparable. Wherever Andi was Gabriel was, if you saw Gabriel running in the fields you would see Andi somewhere close behind.
They were such loving and friendly dogs that t he locals in the area would feed them both and take care of them as best they could even though they themselves were poverty stricken.
Then on the 13.12.2012 people knew there was something wrong. Andi was pacing up and down and whining. He had a small injury on his side where he had been shot but he didn't want care from others. He wanted help. Making it very clear he needed the humans who had cared for him and his best friend Gabriel to follow him.

Once this was realised and knowing no matter what Andi would not allow himself to be taken care of until someone did follow him, he led a lady to the fields behind the block of flats where he and Gabriel would run around and play together all day long.
There was no sign of Gabriel , Andi was running up and down the field looking and searching, then...he suddenly stopped. 
He was pawing away at something in the grass at his feet and nudging something with his head. When the lady who had followed him got closer her heart started to break. As she looked down she could see now what Andi was pawing and nudging, it was the dead body of his best friend Gabriel. Unlike Andi who must have escaped Gabriels killers and ran for his life...
Gabriell had not been so lucky to get away with with being shot one. They had wounded him with the first shot to stop him from being able to run, and with that as he tried to crawl away (blood stains could be seen where he had done this)  desperately wanting to escape and be with his friend he would have looked up only to see the young men with guns who had just used him and his best friend, two loving sweet dogs as target practice. What is even more horrific is that the shots on the dogs body did not hit immediate vital organs, and so over and over they took it in turns to shoot Gabriel. Not just robbing this defenseless dog of his life, but Andi of the only friend he has ever known.
Nothing could be done for Gabriel, but as he pulled and tugged to stay with Gabriel he was led away and the lady an animal rescuer took him to someone she knew close by who might be able to foster and care for Andi. Gabriels body of course out of respect was removed from the field and disposed of properly.

In the meantime Andi has fully healed and is back to full strength, however what is so very sad. When he is taken for walks he heads straight for that field 

and still, to this day he goes to the place he last saw his best friend and will wander back and forth still looking for him crying and calling out to Gabriel hoping he will come running over the hill and across the field towards him as he would have once done.
Our charity nor his rescuers could help Gabriel, but we can help Andi. he is such an amazing and loyal dog that he really does deserve a loving home, one where maybe he can find someone similar to his best friend that together they can live as part of a family never knowing the pain and horror that Andi had to face in his past.

If you could be that family, please contact our charity immediately.

Andi is of medium size, 
Boxer crossbreed male and he has 24 kg (50 pounds) and 64 cm (2 feet) in length, Is fully vaccinated
De Flead
Has his own EU Pet Passport
Andi is house trained
Godo with Dogs
Good with Cats
Good with children
Lead trained


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