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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

RESERVED - MIA:IB MIA 8 to 9 month old female possible terrier cross needing a forever home

Most of the dogs in Romania and surrounding areas are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places, born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. Starvation being the biggest, beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money. The streets are a cruel cruel place especially winter time. Some also suffer horrendous cruelty from so called animal loving owners and the lucky ones are taken to private shelters where they are looked after until homes can be found for them.

Mia was taken to the Radauti shelter by the dog catchers, she has been there about a month. The shelter is no place for any dog, cold, draughty, under funded and staff who have very little time on their hands to give these animals what they need.
Mia was full of worms and fleas when she arrived at the shelter, but after treatment she is now clear of both.
Mia may have had a home before or shay may have simply been a stray fending for hersel on the streets.

She is a calm a calm gentle girl who gets on well with every one, people children, other dogs and cats. Mia is a well behaved young lady so there for needs out of the shelter as soon as possible, before shelter life destroys her spirit.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport
If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form


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