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ADOPTED - Lory – 1 year old female Vizsla cross Greyhound, starved by her previous owners and thrown to the streets at just 12 weeks of age, now looking for that loving home

This is Lory , a real sweetheart of a dog whose life began if a horrible way, as a small 12 week old defenceless puppy and unable to take care of herself she was cruelly thrown onto the dangerous and cruel streets in a place called Osijek, Croatia. This is awful enough, but when you learn that these same people who threw this then small pup onto the streets had not even fed her properly leaving her with the inability to walk properly as she formed rickets in her front right leg caused from malnutrition.

All this and then Facing sub zero temperatures, starvation and having to defend herself against the more hardened strays on the streets and the very real prospect if found by many of the humans there she could be tortured and killed for entertainment, this then small puppy did not stand a chance

Thankfully someone must have been watching over this little dog as a human did find her, crouched in a door way, just skin and bones trying to find some shelter from the icy cold winds. This human however was not an abuser ( as many are out there) this human was from one of the very few animal welfare shelters over there one that our charity helps when we are able.

Many who follow our charity know our primary focus is Romania,well Croatia, though does not have the high numbers of strays as Romania, the mindset is exactly the same. So when we were asked to help this wonderful little dog, how could we refuse?

Lory was taken by the rescuer to the shelter where she immediately was fed, warmed up and then taken to a veterinarian , after many months with the right food and vitamins, physiotherapy and exercise she has recovered brilliantly and she is ready to find her perfect forever home.

Lory considering her past is an incredible little dog, she gets on well every one, be it dogs, cats and humans. In fact when it comes to humans she cannot get enough of them, she adores the attention from them.

All this little princess needs now is that perfect home to call her own and a family who will love her as much as she will love them.

If you can offer this brave little girl a forever home please contact our charity as soon as possible. 

Lory is:
Fully vaccinated
Has her very own EU Pet Passport

Carer: APO

If you can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form.

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