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Monday, 1 April 2013

ADOPTED - Alpha, 3 months old female, german shephard cross, looking for a forever home

Alpha was rescued from an old military warehouse. She was very skinny and in bad shape, but she recovered very well in only one week. 

She is a wonderful dog, very playful and friendly. She is 3 months old and she will grow up to be a medium to big size dog. 

She is very clever and easy to train, just a wonderfull addition to any family.

She gets along with other dogs and she is great with cats. She is vaccinated, microchipped and has an EU passport.


Sunday, 31 March 2013

ADOPTED - Snickers - 6 month old friendly and playful lab cross puppy searching for his foreverhome

Most of the dogs in Romania are either abandoned on the streets where they are targeted to abuse, torture and barbarically killed. If they survive the streets they then face another very real danger, to be captured and forced to endure the horrors that are public dog shelters where for the majority they face starvation, physical and mental abuse by the public shelter workers and dog catchers.

Snickers and his siblings had to face all this when as tiny pups they were abandoned in a box in sub zero temperatures. This really was not a case of being abandoned in an area where they would be found and given homes as they were tiny and would never survive on their own, also the person knew they would never be given homes by passers by as the tiny pups all were born with black fur. 

In countries with stone age mentality such as Romania superstition runs riot, and animals with black fur are deemed unlucky and evil, suffering sometimes the worst of the abuse simply because they were born with black fur.

Thankfully they were found by one of the rescuers in our network in Romania and they were taken into foster where they were given all the love and care that puppies need. 

After they all were microchipped and fully vaccinated ( including anti rabies) our charity transported them to the UK. Only Snickers is left now looking for that special home to call his own.

This handsome young dog loves anything that has a heartbeat and just wants to be loved and to play. 

He is so incredibly friendly and adores humans and other dogs. Also he gets along with cats, though we suspect because of his puppy like traits cats are not too keen on this bouncy black puppy bounding around them wagging his tail wanting to play with them.

Vaccinated to legal requirements for transport
EU passport
Too young to be neutered at this point.

If you could offer this gorgeous young pup a loving home, please contact our charity as soon as possible


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