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ADOPTED: Amadeus - 3 year old Giant Shepherd cross, special case needs experienced foster/adopter

Amadeus - Beautiful giant shepherd cross, still bares the mental scars of the torture he went through.

Amadeus - 3 year old Carpathian Collie Cross

With his best friend Smootchie
This lovely beautiful big giant of a dog is a special case. This dog has been through worst kind of abuses and yet still adores human company. However though physically he has healed the mental scars remain. Slowly but surely he is starting to trust again and loves his belly rubbed and his face stroked, but when frightened or took off guard by a loud noise etc he will turn and nip you. if he was a small terrier or a Chihuahua
 this really would not be a problem.

However Amadeus is a huge dog and though he is just nipping you, his teeth are huge and so more damage can be done.

He really is not a vicious dog and will not go out of his way to hurt you. The few times he has nipped has always been when something frightened him or he felt threatened and was only for a brief moment. Again, we stress he is not an aggressive dog, just the cruelty and torture has has been subjected to means he will retaliate.

The boys during rough and tumble playtime
We refuse to give up on him, he really is just a big cuddly teddy bear ( with big teeth) and are desperately searching for experienced and specialised fosters/adopters of large rescue dogs.

If you have the experience, time and love to continue this big boys rehabilitation please do contact us. You will always have the full support of our charity behind you.

Amadeus is:
Has full EU Pet passport

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