Monday, 14 November 2016


Reserved - Ken - 1 year old most lovely small male for adoption

You know, with some dogs you can just tell what they are like temremeant wise, and this is very true of Little Ken. Just look at that face, mischevious, cheeky, lovable and just simply gorgeous. This is exactly what this little guy is like.

Very easy going, adores human company as much as he does other dogs company. He gets along with all. A very stable all round good natured lovable little fella.

We are not too sure what he is crossed with but whatever the mix it suits him. With his big ears, smiley face, short little legs and foxy tail he is too adorable.

Ken is very good on the lead and is non reactive within the rescue shelter where he is now. He must have been part of a family at one point but sadly as happens all the time, once he grew out of being a puppy he would have litterally been kicked to the curb.

This little fella so deserves and needs to be part of that family unit again, to feel he belongs.

Ken is:
Fully Vaccinated
Fully APHA Compliant (Ready to travel)
Vet checked

If adopted comes with:
4 weeks free pet insurance ( triggered by adopter)
Rescue Back up for life
Free chip reg to adopter

If you are interested in adopting this little fella please do contact us as soon as possible Email : Alternatively complete our online enquiry form

Please note with all non UK dogs our charity organises transport to the UK etc all is in with the adoption cost

AAFA Ref: KEN/DALILA/BOSNIAUpdated about a month ago
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