Tuesday, 8 November 2016



This is the most gorgeous Grace. Rescued from one of the most horrific kill stations in Bosnia, now safe in foster in the UK

Grace truly is so playful and loving, desperate for human fussing and belly rubs. She does not give her trust or heart immediately and takes a little time to feel 100% safe. This is not surprising considering the kill station she was rescued from. However once she does she will be snuggling up to you and initiating play and fuss time as much as she possibly can.

In the home she is not destructive, can be left alone for a few hours without causing problems or barking the house down. Around humans in the home she is totally fine, can seem a little jumpy at first but again this is all to do with learning some humans are actually very nice people and are not all focused on hurting dogs.

Around other dogs in the house she is perfectly fine, in her foster she has gets along equally well with the two resident dogs and the other 5 fosters. She try to initiate play with them all and understands very quickly when to leave them alone ( especially the grumpy ones)

There are 4 resident cats in her foster home and though is interested in them, has not once chased them or reacted aggressive when she gets a bop on the nose when sniffing the cats bottoms.

She is starting to understand what treats and toys are, at the moment her most Favorite toy and possession in the whole world is her fluffy green blankey that she carries everywhere with her, uses it to start tug of war with the other dogs and takes it to her bed to snuggle with (will come with her to adopters)

She is very puppylike in her ways and still needs lots of training and understanding of how a princess like herself should behave but she is getting there. Apart from a few accidents in the house she is becoming clean in the home but considering she has only been here a short while she can be forgiven.

A tip for when she finds her perfect adoptive home, her foster mummy was having a huge problem getting her in from the garden when she was let out, however if you stand with your back to her and sing she trots in totally fine. We have no idea why this works with Grace, it just does.

She is extremely good on the lead and is starting to get use to traffic etc but she is so bright and intelligent that she is catching on fast.

Grace is:
Fully Vaccinated
Vet checked

Comes with:
Full Rescue back up for life
4 weeks free insurance ( triggered by adopter)
Free chip reg to adopter

If you are interested in this most amazing girl please do contact us, alternatively complete our enquiry form and once recieved will contact you

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