Monday, 14 November 2016



Bumble is such a sweet little fella, loves and adores human interaction. This little guy revels in snuggling up on a lap and falling asleep feeling safe and loved.

This poor little boy had a terrible start in life, he and his siblings found themselves in a horrific kill station where they witnessed and was targeted by the worst human barbarity and abuse. Now they are all safe in foster and looking for loving forever homes where they will never know starvation, cruelty or abuse again.

Bumble is just simply wonderful, a submissive little fella who needs love and patience for his confidence to grow.

He is into anything and everything just like any pup his age. Is very good in the home and coming on leaps and bounds in his puppy classes. He sleeps nicely in his crate at night and is an all round very well behaved little fella.

It is very important that any adopter continues his puppy training to ensure that he behaves like all little princes should.

He gets along very well with friendly dogs and is not bothered nor reacts to cats.

Bumbles perfect home would be with older children as he is a little nervous. People who are patient and willing to carry on his puppy training and MUST love to cuddle him.

Bumble is:
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked

If Adopted comes with:
Full Rescue back up for life
4 weeks free insurance ( Triggered by adopter)
Free chip reg to adopter

Bumble is too young to be neutered so it will be part of the adoption contract that his adopter gets this done as soon as he is old enough - there is a voucher we give towards the neuter cost and a spay agreement to sign.

If you are interested in this sweet little guy being part of your family please do contact us as soon as possible.

Email :

Alternatively complete our online enquiry form about 2 weeks ago

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