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Human Friendly, Dog Friendly, Cat Friendly.

This is the most wonderful Morris. A gorgeous 2 year old male rescued from his life on a chain in the worst conditions. This poor boy has faced isolation, starvation, regular beatings from his previous owner, just so many things a sweet boy like Morris should never in their life had to endure.

However now he is safe and in foster in Staffordshire and is more than ready for the next adventure, the biggest adventure of his life. Finding that forever home.

This is what his foster mum has to say about him
" Morris is truly one of the most easiest fosters I have ever had. He is clean in the house, will let you know when he needs to do his business. He gets along with all my gang here, dogs and cats alike.

Totally non destructive, very quiet boy who just wants to be loved and fussed. It is sad actually when you are fussing him because if you stop for a moment he walks away as he thinks you do not want to fuss him anymore. Obviously he has been used to being ignored and so does not expect to be loved and fussed. When he does get excited he prances around like a show horse, is so funny.

I have left him on his own with my lot a few times and have waited outside to hear if he starts to bark etc but nope he is perfectly behaved. When you return ( even if you have been gone for all of 5 mins) you get the most loveliest of welcomes from him.

He can be hand shy, and immediately hits the deck, this poor boy has been use to more human unkindness in his life than most I would say.

He walks well on the lead , doesn't pull and a perfect little gentleman. He is not a bouncy dog at all, he is playful, friendly but is happy also to chill on his doggy bed and snooze.

This lad really does tick ever box, there is only two things that any adopter should know. The first is not to feed him with other animals, remember this boy is used to being starved and so though there has not been fisticuffs at dinner time I suspect there could be as he does growl if another goes near his dish. So is quite easy to rectify, feed him on his own! The 2nd is, I have no doubt whatsoever that Morris if given the chance to run he would. Keep in mind he has spent his life on a chain so this is instinct rather than behaviour. My garden is 100% secure and he is happy to toddle around, but you do see him spying around for any escape routes. Again something very easily rectified and is up to the human to ensure garden is secure and to never let him off the lead when walking.

Whomever adopts this wonderful dog will be gaining the most loyal, loving and sweetest family member"

Older children in the house advised NOT because Morris is agressive but this is for Morris sake. he has been beaten and goodness knows what so deserves not to have small kids pulling him around and running riot around him.

Morris is:
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked

Comes with:
Rescue Back up for life
4 Weeks free insurance triggered by adopter
Free Chip reg to adopter

Please do contact us for more information or if you are interested in adopting this beautiful lovely lad

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