Sunday, 25 September 2016


KING - DEATHROW 1 year old male Retriever cross

King is rightly named is a beautiful regal young male on death row.He is a confident boy aware of his size and strength and uses this within the kennel to ensure more aggressive dogs do not bully him. He himself is not aggressive but neither will he stand any nonsense from other dogs around him if they try to mark their dominance upon him.

With some dogs they are all over the humans constantly wanting attention, always wanting to be fussed, with King this is not the case. he is quite self assured and so though he certainly is interactive with his human carers and enjoys a belly rub the same as the next dog. He is not as needy as some others may be.

King is not the type of dog that wants to be pawed over all the time, yes he will fit in well to family life as he is a sociable boy but would do far better in a household with no young children to bother him, with a family with older children that will respect the fact that just like humans not all dogs need to be fussed over and bothered all the time.

A very even character King has, he is not phased by very much and is as happy with his own company as he is with other friendly dogs around him.

He will require a home that likes to go out walking etc as he does have quite a high energy level, and certainly will need lead training as is clear he has had none previously. But he is willing to do as he is told and so is starting to respond to commands in his own time.

Most definitely a knowledge and experience of working breeds will be needed with this beautiful boy.

King is:
Fully Vaccinated
Fully APHA Compliant for travel
Vet checked

If adopted:
Comes with full rescue back up for life
4 weeks free insurance ( triggered by adopter)
Free Chip reg to adopter

If you can help with foster space/Sponsorship or interested in adoption please contact us as soon as possibleUpdated about 3 months ago

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