Thursday, 18 February 2016


Name: - Zoa
Breed: - Large cross breed
Age: - No mire than 18 months, poss younger

BASIC MEDICAL: - Chipped, Spayed, Vaccinated (inc Rabies) No known health problems. 

LIKES / DISLIKES: - Food, hugs & heat.. preferably in that order lol 
Dislikes, - Sudden movements, will make her back off. Pressure on her collar, and grabbing of her collar will lose her trust in you. 

BEHAVIORAL TRAITS - Zoa can be a bit barky at certain times, when you come in & at mealtimes. She's quiet aside from that. She still puppy mouths at hands, this we are working on. She's not overly nervous, but is cautious with things she doesn't know, sudden movements or sudden loud noises. Zoa has shown no aggression to humans or other dogs. She doesn't jump up at people, which is good given her size lol 

EXERCISE / TRAINING:- Not been out on a lead as yet due to constant flooding. Will update.. Currently working on Zoa being used to a home environment & general things like ear cleaning, grooming & a little bit of housetraining. 

FUNNY/ADORABLE THINGS ABOUT - Zoa is a huge furry teddy bear of a girl. She is so soft & gentle. She has the saddest looking face & very expressive eyebrows. Offer her a hug & she will bury her head in your lap like its the best thing in the world. Offer her the choice between a comfy bed or floor nearest to the fire & she'll pick the floor, she loves to hog all the heat lol Sometimes Zoa's left paw doesn't know what the right paw is doing so she'll stand on things, bump into things (this morning was a dish full of woodburner ash... lovely lol)

Zoa is an amazing girl. She is looking for a home that doesn't have to be super active, but one that will engage with her & gently teach her all the good things the world has to offer. Older children would be fine, but I think the noise & energy of younger would be overwhelming for Zoa. 
Zoa is currently sharing a home with 8 other dogs of all sizes & has been brilliant with all of them, even the grumpy ones

Zoa is:
Fully Vaccinated
Vet checked
Has an EU Per Passport
Comes with 4 weeks free insurance ( Triggered by adopter) and also has Rescue Back up for life.
Free microchip registration

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