Thursday, 18 February 2016



May I introduce Ulk, an almost fully grown German Shepherd, a large lad, with all that breeds intelligence and sensitivity. He is now in a public shelter in Croatia, where a dog such as Ulk really doesn't belong. He is still a big baby, and needs love and reassurance, which the volunteers do their best to give him when they are at the shelter. But there are long hours in between...poor Ulk is paying the price for growing up and not being that cute little puppy any more.

As an adolescent he has all the energy and exuberance that you would expect, coupled with the big baby that he really is - he is full of playfulness and wants all his doggy companions to join in. He gets on well with other dogs, but obviously because of his size can seem to be too boisterous for smaller dogs.

Ulk walks well on the lead, a positive trait in a larger breed, he would benefit from further training, both to stimulate his mind and to ensure that he knows the rules.

He would make a great addition to a family, ideally not with very small children unless they were very dog savvy as he is a big lad and could bump into them without meaning to do any harm. He would make a great obedience or rally dog, or just a pal to accompany you on daily walks on the beach, in the park or by the river. 

If you think that you could offer Ulk a forever home where he could blossom and be safe and secure, or would like to find out more about him then contact us Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm: 0208 1234 976 / Out of hours text/call:  07435573283
Or e-mail mentioning Ulk in the subject.

Ulk will be


Deflead and dewormed

Vaccinated (including anti rabies)


Vet Checked and be DEFRA compliant

Have their own pet passport.

Comes with 4 weeks free pet insurance (adopter has to ring and trigger this with Pet Plan when they get her home) 

Free microchip registration upon completion of adoption.

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