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Name: Hector
Breed: Cross Breed Medium Size
Age: 1.5 years

Abandoned to the streets when only young, was collected by the dog catchers and placed on death row. Our charity saved him as his time was almost up as part of our Ticket to Freedom project and he is now cared for and safe in his foster home in the UK.

Healthy castrated young male
Regular vet checks
Fully Vaccinated

Attention, fuss and belly rubs. Loves curling up beside you on the sofa. Very food orientated

It has been found that Hector does not like going out when it is dark unless he has company. This is understandable as when he was abandoned to the streets , as a more gentle character he would have tried to avoid crowds and more dominant street dogs, but as long as someone is there with him or another dog he will then happily venture outside too.

Hector is a little shy at first, he prefers to get to know someone before he gives them all his trust. But when he does , he truly is your best friend. Hector does trust women far more than men, so will naturally gravitate towards women but once he knows a man and trusts them he is all over them, but never has any aggression been shown by Hector, he will just stand at a distance until he is sure he can trust you and then he wont leave your side, in fact he has yet to realise that he is a little too big to be a lap top but that does not deter this gorgeous lad.

When he is getting attention or treats he is not too keen on sharing with other dogs. He is snappy with other dogs who try to nuzzle in on the action but never bites. With Hector he is like an overgrown puppy, he has only ever known how to survive so in his foster home where he is safe to enjoy life all his puppiness that was missed for so long is coming to the surface. But he is a clever and smart lad and is learning how a young dog should behave.

This gorgeous boy is not really a barker, however if you ever wondered if you were missed whilst you were out you can always trust on Hector to give you the most loving and excited welcome. This dog once he trusts you really does give you his all and sincerely waits for you to come home so he can be near you. Hector is always happy to see you. When leaving Hector he does not show any separation anxiety, no chewing no shredding in fact behaves impeccably when his foster family are out and just curls up on the sofa and snoozes until they get back.

House training is being worked on and he is getting there. Does have the odd accident now and again this is something some more training will rectify. . Is starting to learn commands and coming along nicely but still some work to do. Will very much benefit going to puppy classes.

He would suit an active family and a solid routine. He needs a patient home, as he is still very puppy like
Ideally Hector would suit a family that has one other or two other friendly ( Not dominant ) dogs that can show him the world is not always scary or in fact Hector would be perfectly fine on his own as long as when out on walks he is allowed to socialise or gain his socialisation from puppy classes etc.

Hectors foster Mummy tells us that he would be brilliant at agility, such an active and smart dog would excell in such an environment

BASICS: ( delete add etc as needed to list then delete this sentence)
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked
Has Full EU Pet Passport
Comes with rescue back up for life
4 weeks free pet insurance(triggered by adopter when they home)
Free automatic microchip registration (Upon completion of adoption)
If you are interested in adopting this wonderful dog or require more information please do contact the adoptions team or Click on Contact Button above

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