Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Greg - 7 month Old came over with sister Dharma

This beautiful little boy is Greg. Greg had the worse possible start in life being born on the streets with his 4 siblings, his mother Sabina probably thrown onto the streets when she became pregnant. Life on the streets is hard for any dog but especially for puppies. Food is very scarce and from the scraps of food their mother could find, her milk would not have been nutritious enough to fill their little bellies or give them any energy. With water also in short supply she would have gone thirsty and so would they. Add to that the sound of dogs screaming as they fought for every available morsel of food, and as they were beaten, kicked and abused by the local people and you can imagine what a living hell it was for Greg, his mother and his siblings. Pain, hunger and death surrounded them daily.

Things looked up for this lovely family when a local rescue found them and took them to safety. They were covered in fleas and ticks which were treated straight away and for once they knew warmth and what it was like to have a full belly. Sadly though 3 of the pups were just too weak to survive and Greg lost some of his siblings. Just him, his sister Dharma and their mother survived.

Through the love, treatment and care they given at the shelter Greg, Dharma and Sabina slowly gained weight and strength. The mental impact of their life experiences took a little longer though. But, with time, patience and love the volunteers soon gained their trust and their wonderful personalities began to shine through. Every day they grew in strength and character .. and they began to show all the love they had to give, and all the mischief they had inside them !!

At the beginning of February Greg and his sister Dharma came to the safety of the UK. Their mother had found a forever home and now it was time for them to come to safety. The volunteers at the kennels in Vukavar had saved their lives but life is still hard there with so many dogs sharing kennel space and food. And so, they arrived at the kennels in Stafford.

During their time there they have flourished and shown what wonderful souls they are. Both were nervous at first and it took a little time for them to become confident around all their new friends but once they did their true selves shone through. Greg is very playful and really does like to play 'puppy' style, with all the zest for life and cheekiness that it brings with it. He is full of energy and will definitely need a home where he can let off a lot of steam. But, there is also the gentle and loving side of him who likes nothing better than fusses and cuddles.

Greg and Dharma both now need forever homes as soon as possible. They love it at the kennels, and are loved by everyone there but they need to be in the warmth and comfort of a forever home, a place they can call 'theirs' for the rest of their lives. They love people and play so much that it hurts them when they have to be put back in the kennel and their human friends have to walk away. Greg is great with other dogs and with cats and whatever love he gets you can count on the fact he will give it back ten times over. Greg needs and deserves a very special home to help him forget the troubles he has had and lead a happy life.

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