Monday, 24 March 2014


ADOPTED - MONA - UK Kennels - 1 year old female terrier - Desperately looking for her forever home - currently in Staffordshire.

Mona may have escaped a miserable existence with hunger, cruelty and abuse on the street when taken to the public shelter in Croatia but life in the pound is horrific by any standard. Having survived the streets where people abuse, beat and horrifically kill street dogs, and dogs kill each other for food and water, in the pound she may have been safer from humans but so many dogs and little food fights still break out and Mona would have seen and heard some horrific battles and in all probability been attacked herself being such a small girl.

Mona has been given a second chance and was brought over to the safety of the UK where there was a family waiting for her. However the adoption fell through before they had even met her and now she is in the safety of kennels in Staffordshire. 

Mona is a beautiful and friendly dog of 14 kg so will remain quite small.  She is good with people and dogs so will make a wonderful family member or companion. Although the volunteers spend as much time with her as they can, and she gets play time and lots of love they cannot give as much time to her as this little girl so deserves and needs. For a dog that adores human company and contact it is very hard for her when her new friends have to look her once more in her kennel and walk away. 

She desperately needs a chance to be loved and cared for. And whatever love she gets she pays back a thousand times over..  Please get in touch urgently if you can offer Mona a home.

Treated for fleas and worms
EU passport 



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