Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lilly .. staffy

This is sweet, gentle Lilly. Lilly was saved by Action Aid from a home in the UK where she had been used as a breeding dog from a very young age and then over bred. The owners obviously felt that her 'best' breeding days were over and stopped looking after her abusing her physically and mentally , starving her and making her very submissive.

Their final act was to advertise her as free on Gumtree. Being a 'Staffie' and free there is no doubt that this girl could have ended up used for fighting and with her submissive nature could actually have ended up being a 'bait' dog to train others to fight. But luckily she was rescued and put into the safety of a kennels in Staffordshire where the Action Aid volunteers has worked with her.

Despite everything she has gone through she truly is an adorable girl, with no aggression in her whatsoever. She is nervous of new people at first but once she has been given a little time and realises she isn't going to be hurt she jumps in there with so much love and affection, lots of kisses and a very obvious desire to have human contact. Her age, breed and size mean that she is full of energy and she has an amazing zest for life, and so will need an active family with room for her to play outside. Lilly is very nervous of very large dogs and would be better suited to a home where she is the only 4 legged member of the family.

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