Thursday, 16 May 2013


Thursday, 2 May 2013

ADOPTED-CASPER:IB 2 year old male possible bearded collie mix needing a forever home

This was the state of poor Casper when he was taken to the Radauti public shelter after being abandoned by his owners. His owners have obviously not looked after him properly as can be seen the condition of his coat, or this maybe the reason he was thrown on to the streets, because he has a coat that needs clipping.

This is just some of the fur that was  clipped. the lady who runs the shelter has taken him into her home to foster him until a family is found for him.

Casper is not happy in the shelter and the public shelters are horrible places, lack of funds, food rationed, too many dogs sharing one kennel, the list goes on. It is no life for any dog.

Casper is getting plenty of TLC in foster and his carer is gradually getting him to eat. He was that unhappy in the shelter he would eat and just stayed out of the way.

Casper is a loving boy and just needs time to adjust and trust again.

In the right home he will make a lovely pet and companion. Preferably an experienced dog owner and a family with children over the age of 7.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form


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