Friday, 4 March 2016


This little girl is a very cheeky sweet little girl who just wants to have fun, lots of belly rubs and as much attention as you can give her.

She is so affectionate, will stay on your lap for hours if it were possible. She loves to play with the toys at the shelter, that is when she is not running around playing with the other pups there who like her are literally waiting to be saved before their time runs out .

This little one is so very smart, she can bend the carers and staff around her little paw with those butter wouldn't melt looks she gives.

She gets along fine with the other dogs in the shelter, is a very confident girl and is not slow at coming forward when treats are on offer or is fuss time.

She recently was cat tested and though she showed no aggression towards the cat, in fact it was the complete opposite. So we would advise unless your cat loves the adoring attention of a toffee colored nose sniffing them, or a big sloppy tongue wanting to clean them we would advise against her being in a home with a cat as we think she could be just a bit too overly affectionate for them.But if you have a cat who loves doggy attention then they would be best friends.

This girl has not a mean bone in her body and really would make the most wonderful addition to any family.

She urgently needs an offer of foster, a sponsor for her ticket or an adopter to step forward and make this little girls dream come true.

If you can help her please do, if you are interested in adopting this sweetheart please contact us as soon as possible.

This little girls clock as with the unreserved others are ticking away. They only have 60 days on death row before Cityhall can order them euthanised.

Please enable AAFA to save this little girl, she is only 6 months of age....How very sad would it be this puppys life ends on death row :(

She is:
Fully Vaccinated
Regular Vet checks
Fully APHA Complaint for travel
Has her own EU Pet Passport
Comes with full Rescue Back up
Fosters will have AAFA full supportUpdated about 2 weeks ago

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