Friday, 4 March 2016


Here is dear little Enzo, a gorgeous boy rescued from the horrific conditions in a shelter in Romania.

Here is the description his foster carer gave me, bearing in mind he has been with her less than a week.

' He's more settled now - not high energy, walks nicely on the lead and is very friendly towards other dogs when out. Plays with them nicely too. A bit wary of big dogs, not as nervous as when he first came.

Love playing ball. Goes to sleep nicely when you turn the light off. Would like someone home most of the time but dkeros when you're out -no damage anywhere. He's doing well with house training. Only the odd accidents now. He's a real cutie and very handsome.'

Enzo is a young dog and will mouth as his foster carer says "he has no problems with people but 'mouths' a lot so not ideal with small children. Trying to wean him off this and onto playing tug with toys instead."

Like many shelter dogs he has a great attachment to food, again his foster carers comments are " A bit food aggressive in the house but not nastily just thinks he can stick his head in every bowl and eat it".

Enzo is settling in to life in the comfort of a home for the first time, and as you can see is making huge strides under the care of his foster carer. What he really needs though is a permanent home to call his own, where he can put down roots and blossom into the lovely dog that he has the potential to be.

It is clear that he is a bright lad, picking up house training quickly with only the odd accident now. Could he be your perfect family pet?

If you are interested in Enzo, or would like further information then contact us Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm: 0208 1234 976 / Out of hours text/call: 07585935950
Or e-mail mentioning Enzo in the subject.

He is

Deflead and dewormed
Vaccinated (including anti rabies)
Vet Checked and be DEFRA compliant
Have their own pet passport.

Comes with 4 weeks free pet insurance (adopter has to ring and trigger this with Pet Plan when they get her home)

Free microchip registration upon completion of adoption.
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