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LAKI - RESERVED 3yr old Shepherd Cross Male - Laki now in foster in the UK looking for a home



Name: Laki
BreedHerzegovinian Shepherd Cross

Age: 3 years
Sex: Male

Little is known of his history as he was rescued from one o fthe most horrific kill shelters in the Balkans. However below you can read everything about him based upon his time of many months in his foster home in the UK

Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti Rabies)
Vet Checked
He currently has a minor problem with one of his eyes that is easily rectified. Our charity is arranging this to be done so no medical problems for when he is adopted

Human friendly
Kid friendly (Though as large dog recommend only older children)
Dog friendly within the home but when out he needs distraction techniques which are easy enough to implement and is not a massive problem to spoil the walk itself.
Unsure if Cat friendly as his foster does not have cats
We have interim assessments and Laki is due one shortly so any additions to this information and we will update

No real dislikes noticed but if any occur / confirmed by follow up assessment we will update

A wonderful gentle and loving dog. Adores family life, wonderful around humans and other dogs of a similar nature to him. Though he is not food agressive nor food focused he has the annoying habit being as large as he is the ability to steal food from plates on a table or work surface. This is being worked upon though and as a clever boy who is quick to learn this should not be a problem.

Being a large breed he does require good quality regular exercise. Also as he is a Shepherd breed he has a very active mind, so mental and physical stimulation is a must in a dog like Laki as it is for all Shepherd and Size breeds like him.
Very Smart and clever lad
Great on the lead
Wonderful with any exercise requiring agility physically and mentally

Laki is basically a big sloppy bear in a dogs body. He is incredibly gentle even around children and makes everyone laugh when he is flopping around the floor behaving like an overgrown puppy.  Also he can be mischievous (not in a bad way) and can be seen to be working out how to overcome obstacles of things put in the way between him and what he wants such  as treats, dinner plates with human food on etc.

"Laki truly is a fantastic all round boy. Very gentle and relaxed nature. Gentleman on lead and in the home very respectful. He is good around food but if left he will take off the plate but he is getting training to overcome this little problem. He loves kids and is very gentle around my young son even with his size. Laki is underweight at the minute weighing in a mear 32.70 lbs. Good food and exercise is helping in a short space he already has put a pound on. Laki is a kind dog but he does need training to continue in his new home. He needs his own pack and will excel as he has done... Though laki is a big bear he is not to keen around other dogs whilst out... this is easy over come as just needs distraction while passing.

He is is an extremely clever lad. It has been noticed the way he methodically plans how to solve an obstacle which he succeeds to do amazingly well. A wonderful loving and gentle giant who just wants to be loved as much as he wants to be loved"

DEFRA Compliant (Checked by UK Gov vets upon entry to UK) 
Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti Rabies)
Has Full EU Pet Passport
Comes with rescue back up for life
4 weeks free pet insurance(triggered by adopter when they home)
Free automatic microchip registration (Upon completion of adoption)

If you are interested in adopting Laki or would like to find out more about this "little" fella please do contact our charity or click on Contact Button above














If you would like to adopt  or require more information please do contact the adoptions team or click on Contact us Button above

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