Sunday, 27 September 2015



In Foster in Staffordshire
This is the wonderful Diana. Such a sweet girl with such a sad past. She was originally rescued after her then owners in the Balkans abandoned her onto the streets. She had lost that puppy look and to them she had served her purpose. She was then rescued, made ready to travel and transported to the UK where she was adopted. We thought finally Diana had recieved her fairy tale, what she needed most. Unfortunately, this was not to be. Yet again she was abandoned when her then adopters decided because she barked!!! That they would then hand her back to us.
This wonderful little girl deserves so much more than to be treated in such a way, she is a real cuddle muffin. gets along fine with other dogs, children,cats just anyone who will be friends with her, who will love her.
Once Diana trusts you, loves you, believes in her heart you are her family she will bark like all other dogs will when strangers enter the home, pass by the home, all this is to protect and warn the ones she loves. Sadly it would appear that the humans in her life so far did not deserve this little girls loyalty and devotion.
But we firmly believe that there is that perfect family out there who understand dogs bark, who understand what it means when you take a dog into your home, to treat them as a family member to love, care for , certainly not to hand back or throw away like she is nothing.
This little girl is not a problem at all, she just wants that chance to prove what a lovely girl she is, and to give again her trust to another family that this time will not let her down..

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