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This is the most wonderful Floki. 3 times he was on our ticket to freedom we were so desperate to help him escape death row. But Floki is not small and Fluffy, his not the type of dog that stands out in a crowd and for whatever reason time and again he was overlooked. Well 3rd time was the charm and now he is safe and sound in his foster home.

This is what his foster Mummy has to say about this fella

"The second he came in the house he was (and I kid you not) one of the most chilled sweet foster doggies I have ever known. I have 7 dogs here some are complete Divas and another thinks he owns the world. none of this phased Floki, nor did Polly or Toffee ( 2 of my cats) who always come in and rub themselves up against newbies and give them a kiss hello. Again, no negative reaction.

He is already house trained, no accidents no destructivness absolutely perfect house guest. 

He is super friendly, sleeps through the night without a peep and as for the morning greeting...Well, I have not felt so adored in a very long time. 

He is so happy to see me and just adores attention and fuss. When he hears my alarm clock and my getting out of bed I can hear him downstairs getting all excited and as I turn to come down the stairs his sweet little face is stareing up at me and his tail wagging ten to the dozen.

He is not a barker, such a quite and well behaved dog, even when the enemy of all dogs is obviously trying to break into my property by pushing envelopes through my door! Perfect manners in all way , so well behaved.

Mealtimes he just steps away from the one eared wonder who likes to think he is boss of the food bowls and moves on to a different bowl. Even with treats he politely waits his turn to get his and is so lovely that yesterday he even plopped his treat in front of Pookey (My other foster dog and his new best friend) so they could share.

With my son, well lets just say he has got a new friend for life. unlike some of my fosters Floki doesnt follow him everywhere when he has a sweet or crisp in his hand. Yes he nudges him to get fuss but there really is not a negative in anyway I can say about Floki.

With my cats he is perfect, he lets them rub up against him and he knows already not to sniff there bottoms, so well mannered.

Whomever falls in love with this lad will be getting the most perfect family member they could ever have dreamed of."

Floki is
Deflead and dewormed
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked
Come with 4 weeks free pet insurance (adopter has to ring and trigger this with Pet Plan when they get her home)
Free microchip registration upon completion of adoption.
Rescue back up for life

If you would be interested in in adopting please do contact us mentioning his name in the subject.

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