Monday, 30 July 2012

ADOPTED -Tixie ( aka Sausage) 3 year old Sausage dog cross desperate for his own forever home

ADOPTED -Tixie ( aka Sausage) 3 year old Sausage dog cross desperate for his own forever home

Tixie ( aka Sausage) 3 year old Sausage dog cross - Fully Vaccinated, chipped, neutered and he even has his very own EU pet passport so you can take him on holiday with you.

Good with kids and other dogs, tolerates cats.

Tixies life started out horrifically, adopted by a family and then just abandoned when they became bored of him. Poor Tixie found himself in one of the most horrific public shelters in Romania. Here because of his size and demeanour he was bullied and harassed. An easy target for the more aggressive dogs in the kennels. With Tixie, his bark is worse than his bite and the other dogs knew this.

We rescued him, and he is now being fostered in Staffordshire by our charity.

Sausage has a very loving character, he adores cuddles and fuss being made of him. He gets along well with other dogs of all sizes, which is surprising  considering what he went through.

He does have a sparky character and seems to think he is the security guard of the household, standing between the smaller dogs and larger dogs at dinner time as though protecting them in case of food aggression.
Though he is known to prefer a bowl all to himself rather than sharing, he is not food aggressive...Just a little piggy.

He is house trained, though we have had the odd accident if we don't get to the patio door in time late at night, but he does let you know when he needs to his business.

Tixie ( aka Sausage) takes an interest in cats, but prefers to bark at them rather than ignore them. We have a little cat who thinks she is rambo, excellent to do the cat test with. She walks in an out of our living room regardless what dogs are there. Tixie will stand there barking at her rather than go for her, and Polly just ignores him. This is not to say that if he was within a group of dogs who attacked a  cat he wouldn't join with all dogs, they follow the pack mentality. So if you have another dog in your home, Tixie simply follows suit.

His favourite food is...well anything really, but given the choice he would eat a bowl of pasta and sardines every day of the week if he could.

Little Tixie desperately needs his own forever home as he is becoming just a little to comfortable here in foster, and this will run the risk of him believing we have abandoned him if he stays too long and finds an adopter months down the line.

He really is such a cool little dog, and deserves a loving safe forever home.

If you could offer this to our little Tixie please contact us asap.

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